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Alozaina, Casarabonela, El Burgo, Tolox, Yunquera 

The villages we sell in all have a good range of facilities including: Public swimming pools, gyms, health centres, supermarket, shops, weekly local market with fresh produce, bars, restaurants and banks. Many offer free Spanish lessons for foreigners, pilates/yoga, music/art and other activities.

There is also a good mix of foreign owners in most villages of many different nationalities, but the predominant culture is traditional Spanish life.


My home village, has around 2,000 inhabitants. There are local schools, health centre, supermarket, pharmacy and lots of individual shops; bakeries, butcher, fishmonger. Lots of bars and restaurants, petrol station. Indoor and outdoor public swimming pools, gym. It is a very well run village, there is always something going on here, from Flamenco exhibitions, to the Olive Festival, Romeria, Ferria, organised trips to various events for anyone who is interested, choirs, folk evenings – there is always something interesting happening for anyone who wants to participate or peace and quiet in nature for those who prefer their own company in the mountains surrounding the village.  The Spanish locals are extremely friendly and welcoming and it is a really lovely place to live with a strong sense of community, surrounded by beautiful scenery and walks.

Tolox is a very beautiful spa village, with the Fuente Amargosa Thermal spa, it also has around 2,000 inhabitants and stands at the entrance to the reserve of the Sierra de las Nieves with its amazing nature, beautiful pine forests and scenery. It is very popular with hikers, cyclists and outdoor sports enthusiasts. It has a very traditional village centre with lots of local shops, bars and restaurants and a weekly market selling local produce, as do all the villages. It has a public outdoor swimming pool and local schools.



Casarabonela has around 2,800 inhabitants and is a very picturesque white washed village with amazing views all the way down to the coast. It’s full of sloping winding streets, large plaza, little local shops, bars and restaurants. It has a Cactus Garden at the entrance to the village.

Great public swimming pool perched at the top of the village with amazing views. Easy access straight down to Malaga 38 minutes. Very popular with cyclists and walkers.

Yunquera is rather a favourite of mine, it is slightly higher and further away from the Coast but is set in the most fantastic countryside, kilometres of tracks for walking, riding, off roading, cycling, bird watching. It has just under 3,000 inhabitants. The road from Yunquera to Ronda, which is the main town closest to Yunquera, looks like it should be in a Clint Eastwood movie, with its huge rocks and plains and very spectacular scenery. The village itself is a mix of new and older areas with its central original old village, traditional architecture and plaza, and newer areas around it. Taking the road up from Alozaina, you enter Yunquera through an arch and immediately notice the countryside around it is neat as a new pin, with little stone walls, lots of olive trees and orchards, it is very charming. It has good schools, public swimming pool set amongst the pine forest, campsite with chalets for walkers and hikers, and a good range of village amenities. It is also a great area for bird watching.

Prices tend to be very reasonable for property here and in El Burgo. 


El Burgo

El Burgo is a hop skip and jump from Yunquera or rather a few minutes drive in the direction of Ronda. It is the smallest of all the villages with just under 2,000 inhabitants, sleepy and peaceful but has the most quaint and charming village centre. It is entered over a bridge, crossing an attractive river area, surrounded by gorgeous countryside. The road towards Ronda leaves through a tree lined avenue. The village has all the necessary facilities including schooling and public pool; and again property is very well priced in this village.

From the villages, the towns of Coin, Alora and Ronda offer a wider range of facilities. 

Coin has around 22,000 inhabitants and is just a 25 minute drive to the coast.

It has a very attractive old town centre with lots of traditional shops, restaurants/bars and various schools. It extends out to a more commercial area, with large public sports centre, building suppliers, wide range of restaurants, supermarkets and La Trocha shopping centre which has a spa/gym, cinema that offers films in Spanish and English and holds a very popular boot sale in its car park every Sunday morning. The countryside around Coin is beautiful, and offers a great area for country living, riding and hiking.

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